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Voice & Somatic training

Voice & Somatic training: Service

Voice & Somatic training

Á mánudögum kl. 19:30 - 20:30 og á föstudögum kl. 13:30 - 14:30 er Alejandra P. De Ávila með „voice therapy“ tíma þar sem hún blandar saman sómatískri þjálfun og raddþjálfun. Í boði er að kaupa klippikort, 5 skipti eða 10 skipti og tímarnir eru á ensku.

5 tíma klippikort 13.900 kr.
10 tíma klippikort 23.000 kr.

Klippikortið gildir 27. jan - 31. maí.

Kennari Alejandra P. De Ávila

Nánari upplýsingar um tímana:

Is a work with a sequence of exercises that serve to restore the body & mind balance and release ourselves from conscious movement. The aim is to become true to our nature throughout the resonating body and finally the expression of the voice.

Health is the ability to maintain harmony in timing and balance.
Suppleness is the ability to recognise and release tension anywhere in the body (connecting muscles & nerves)
Free from frames and models, the upright body, somatic movement and the peace (ease of mind) will bring the free expression of the body and truth into our lives.
Alignment: The body is a unit (string) that expresses in a billions of resonancias just like a musical instrument.

Voice & Somatic training: About
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Alejandra P. De Avila

My background is in music and theatre and I am also a trained teacher in music and movement education. As a teacher and researcher, I have specialised in Voice & Movement with a somatic approach seeking the balance in the body and aiming for the integrity of human expression.

In 2017 I created the Sila II Act, a company that provides creative workshops and artistic research. Throughout the Sila II Act I not only have developed my own educational  method that spreads into a wide audience from amateurs to professionals but have also led workshops in diverse countries such as, Austria, Greenland, USA, Iceland and Sweden. From 2017 – 2019 I worked as a teacher of Music and Movement Rhythmical Educational at The Iceland Academy of the Arts. My tasks included finalising curriculum for BA students.

With my artistic career I have created, produced and performed my own productions in independent theatres and stages such as Lalish TheaterLabor, AlteSchmiede, Interkulturelles Theater and MuThtheater in Wien, Austria; Tjárnabío, Gámblabío, Gallery Kjarvalstaðir, Icelandic Academy of the Arts in Reykjavík, Iceland.

After becoming a mother I have returned to amateur education, teaching dance and voice. In the last year I have also taking a position at the kindergarten teaching Music & Movement (Eurhythmics) to young children ages 11/5 - 5 years old.

Voice & Somatic training: About
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